Uni Work

I created all these images while at university, between 2004-2006, I had a pretty big obsession with 9/11 back then. These are all ‘propaganda’ images, mostly anti war. I can’t remember where a lot of my ideas and inspiration came from (I was burning the candle at both ends pretty hard back then). However I do remember the idea for the two Yankee flags came from current world flags with the Union Jack, or do I have to call it the Union Flag now?? With the intention of implying Afghanistan and Iraq were now American colonies. I may return to this work later, since there have been may more ‘wars’ in other countries in the last 10 years. The George Bush images were 100% inspired by John Heartfield’s “Adolph the superman, swallows gold and spouts junk”. I basically took that image and replaced it with Bush, US Dollars and an American Flag instead of the Nazi Swastika. There are other images here that are meant to inspire change to our relationship with our environment and plant and open peoples eyes to climate change, which is an issue I truly think we really need to take seriously and get on top of. Then there are a few images here that work as propaganda but I’m not totally sure why I did them, like I said I was hitting it pretty hard back in the day ;)