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Where shall I start? I won’t bore you with my life up to this point BS, I”l just let that stuff come out as things go along. So I guess me now; well, I’d like to say I’m lost, what from I don’t really know. All I can say is things don’t feel right, things aren’t right, take a look around! I want to do something to put humanity back on the right path. I have no idea what, I have some thoughts; but how to actually put them into practice? I don’t know where to start. I have my art, but with out anyone paying attention I doubt it will have much impact. That’s the point of this site. Get back into doing my art thing, and get noticed, stir up some shit.

I’d consider myself a member of the Zeitgeist Movement, though I have never been to any of their events or taken part in any of their activities. But I believe in what they stand for. Whether you think what they believe is the right direction to go in or not you can, for sure, agree with them that the system doesn’t work and change is need. To find out more about the movement here are a couple of links:



It was basically born out of a trilogy of movies made by Peter Joseph, you can watch them on youtube and I recommend you do. They could change the way you look at everything:

Zeitgeist: The Movie

Zeitgeist: Addendum

Zeigeist: Moving Forward

Peter has also done other videos, movies and series, such as culture in decline (http://www.cultureindecline.com) as well as wright a lot and given numerous talks about the subjects raised in the Zeitgeist movies. And he is currently working on a new film trilogy InterReflections (http://interreflectionsmovie.com) which should be really interesting.

Anyway enough about him, this post is supposed to be about me, lolz. My main interests/concerns are with our environment and our obsession with wealth and fame. I’ll go into more details in other posts, but basically, if we are not careful we are going to destroy ourselves. There are many people, signs and research that would say we have already gone past the point of no return, but I truly hope we haven’t.

I am not religious, but have a real fascination with all religions. And if I’m honest, I’m a little jealous of these people. They have total faith in what they believe, they don’t doubt their beliefs. They truly believe in whatever god, gods, book, teachings they have. I can honestly say I don’t know if I have that kind of unquestionable faith in anything these days. Call me cynical, sceptical, sad, misguided, whatever you want, but I can’t help but question everything and can have limited trust in things, people or whatever it maybe. I know I should have faith but it’s hard when everything around you seems to be going to shit. Especially when you can see that it doesn’t need to. There is no reason for famine, poverty, homelessness, wars or any of the things that are crippling humanity from evolving and moving forward.

As well as not being religious, I’d say I’m not really spiritual ether. However I do find myself being more drawn to this way of thinking, especially in more resent years. The planet will provide us with what we need and will regulate itself. Mother Nature will take care of herself and no human being will be able to stop it when the time comes. I’ve also been reading a lot about how the universe does similar things. How our perception of reality is a projection of ourselves. How our moods, feelings and demeans can influence our lives and those around us. There are even studies being currently cared out that are proving this physical reality and maybe even time itself doesn’t exist. And that isn’t any hippy crap, it’s science! To begin to under stand this concept you have to first understand the Double Split Experiment and try to wrap your head around quantum theory and universe. It’s mind bending stuff when you start to look into it but if this stuff can really be understood our lives and understanding of life itself will drastically change, beyond anything we could imagine. Spirituality and science seem to have more in common than we ever thought, which again, I find fascinating.

So there it is, my basics; I’m a tree hugging activist, with kooky ideas about life and reality, a strange fascination with religion, who believes we should rid ourselves of money and jobs and live a life of harmony, with ourselves and the environment around us. Oh and a massive interest in motorsport and cars, go figure, lol.

Lastly, I will be adding new galleries and images sporadically and hope to post things, thoughts, rants and stuff ever week or two (month at least). I hope to create a music page at some point; of songs that express the ideas or I think at least can be interpreted that way. Enter Shikari is a prime example. I have a whole play list on my iTunes, just not sure if I’ll need permission to use any songs? I’ll look into it, or if anyone knows message me ;). Also keep an eye on the Facebook page, I will post random stuff on there every so often as well as some updates as they come about new content on the site.


Spread the word… Pease Out XxX

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